Grilled Summer Squash and Zucchini

Put the strips in a bowl and pour enough olive oil to coat them along with salt and black pepper…. While I was grilling the veggies, TLW made this dressing: 2 T fresh lemon juice 2 t Creole mustard 1/4 t sugar 2 T olive oil Combine the above ingredients in a bowl and pour the dressing over the grilled vegetables before serving.

Green Beans for a Crowd

Here’s the menu: smoked pork loin (marinated in mojo), lemon pepper chicken, our famous cole slaw with a sweet vinegar sauce, tossed green salad vidalia onion vinaigrette dressing and green beans (that turned out to be quite a hit)…. Ironically, the green beans caught the attention of the guests before the remainder of the menu…probably because they were health conscious fit young people…mostly models, students and faculty members.

A Narrow Window for a Gourmet's Delight

Late April and early May is the time you want to make sure you treat yourself to some Alaskan King salmon…. Be sure when you use the marinade on your salmon…never to marinate fish more than an hour (45 minutes is ok)…especially if it has lemon juice in it as it will break down the protein in the flesh.