BBQ Trail et al

The Southern Boudin Trail includes oral histories, photos, film snippets, audio clips, and an interactive map for hungry travelers…. The Mississippi Delta Hot Tamale Trail includes oral histories, photos, film and audio clips, a “Hot Tamale How-To,” as well as an interactive map for hungry travelers.

Grilled Pizza

It must have been good because after I offered to take TLW out for fried shrimp she said she would rather stay home and make another pizza on the grill!… Once you are in the indirect zone start with your tomato sauce, and then begin to add your other ingredients with cheese being the last.

Prosciutto-Baked Tilapia

Olive oil cooking spray 8 slices prosciutto 4 tilapia fillets Salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste 2 T olive oil 2 roasted red peppers from jar, drained, patted dry and finely diced 4 toothpicks Preheat oven to 400*…. Thought I could fry up the bacon in my cast iron skillet, then add the tilapia fillets coated with some blackening seasoning, and some roasted red peppers.

Happy Birthday, Radar!

We are so happy he is still with us after the loss of his brother Mars and his diagnosis of bone cancer. The ole boy still has a little kick in him yet…especially if he gets to go for a ride in the car or is treated with some ‘people food!’

As Seen On TV

At one time or another we have all been amused with some of the infomercials they through at us. For most of us we don’t buy anything but we are always a little bit amazed at the claims proffered…. This slick little unit is a real workhorse and the best part is all parts fit nicely into our home dishwasher.

2007 Food Goals

One goal is to learn how to perfect fish tacos along with grilled pizza…and learn how to do them on a fairly large scale…. “Weeknight Grilling with the BBQ Queens: Making Meals Fast and Fabulous” (Karen Adler, Judith Fertig) Our good friend Karen Adler, along with Judith Fertig, give recipes in this book for both items.

Calling All Jack Daniel's Fans

A few years back my friend Eddie, an avid BBQ fan and collector of Jack Daniel’s paraphernalia, nominated TG to the Tennessee Squire Association from Lynchburg, TN…. If you are selected, I will need your full name and address, occupation, company or organization, birth date and gender in order to complete the Squire application.

Just Under the Wire

What we found living here in Savannah is that Savannahians use a simple mixture of black pepper and seasoned salt all blended together for their rub for both turkey and pork…and who knows what else. TG got lucky at Sam’s recently and found a product I hadn’t seen before and that is Rosemary and Garlic seasoning.