Why Hire a Caterer?

Bass Pro Shops of Savannah wanted us to feed their two shifts of employees (150 people) the Saturday after Thanksgiving so the employees would stay on premises and not be delayed getting back to work as a result of the heavy traffic around the mall…. I would define a successful party, regardless of issues and things going wrong, by having a happy client – one who is unaware of what went on behind the scenes and that is precisely what happened Saturday.

Carnival of the Recipes: 2006 Thanksgiving Edition

Secondly, we appreciate how much the love and support of families mean to us. This year we will be celebrating Thanksgiving with our nephew Michael, his beautiful wife Helaine and their adorable daughter Phelan…. Famous Recipes sends along Finally, we would like to give thanks for all the great chefs out in blogland who share their wonderful recipes so willingly!

Ninth Annual Day of Great Thanksgiving

Answering an article in our local paper about volunteers being needed to help smoke the 220 turkeys needed to feed approximately 1,300 meals, the General brought his trusty pit to the Mission and has been smoking turkeys all day long with several other volunteers…. If you live in the Savannah area, come on down to the park, and either help serve…or sit down and eat.

$10,000 Turkey

This week it featured a story about a woman winning America’s Top Recipe Contest 2006 and a $10,000 prize for her turkey recipe…. As soon as I read this particular recipe had Cuban influence, I knew that TG will be trying this recipe for our Thanksgiving meal.

Savannah Blues and BBQ

We have felt since we arrived here that if we could use our BBQ skills and expertise for these two purposes, it would be a great way for us to get to know more people in the community (as well as build our business)…. They used a mixture of Kosher salt, black pepper, and Tony Chachere’s seasoning as a rub for the butts which TLW actually approved of.

Turkey Talk

(First remember that when you put a 12 pound turkey in the oil, it will take up a lot of real estate…. This allows you to safely, and slowly, lower the turkey into the oil since there will be a lot of bubbling up of the oil when the cold bird hits the hot oil.

Some Points Added

Over the years we have been blessed with some really fine help, but the one thing that we have known since we won the GC of the Nashville Shores, TN, contest 5+ years ago is that we actually do better when we cook on our own…. Not often do we recommend other BBQ spots, but Blue really does have a consistently good product and it would be well worth your time to stop in and get a pork sandwich with his mustard based sauce or his chopped brisket.