A small gig in Savannah

No matter how much you try to penetrate the meat with your rub and spices, the pork butt is just too thick for your spice to fully penetrate it…. of Heinz ketchup 4 C dark brown sugar 2 C granulated sugar 1/2 C salt 1/2 C fresh ground black pepper 1.5 oz red pepper flakes Gradually bring the mixture to a boil and then reduce heat.

Family Holiday Dinner

The Menu: Glazed Ham with Grilled Pineapple Smoked Leg of Lamb and Racks of Lamb Boiled Shrimp Deviled Eggs Green Beans with Black Pepper Bacon Grilled Asparagus Corn on the Cob Almost Southern Potato Salad Strawberry Shortcake Ham: The General purchased a spiral sliced ham that came with a package of glaze mix…. Pineapple: Since I was using indirect heat for the lamb and the ham, that gave me grill space to grill the pineapple.

Entertaining and Hosting Parties

After 20+ years of hosting our own parties and catering parties for all ranges up through thousands, here are some key elements The General would like to pass on. Being punctual: If you promise food to be on at 7:30 pm, you owe it to yourself and your guests to come as close to the mark as you possibly can…. The key point in this is that some people just like to be late and others have legitimate issues, but beginning without them will take the pressure off them and they can pick up with the party when they arrive.

Bobby Flay in Love with Savannah?

But Ms. Deen does not need the local business, as people come from all over the country (and probably the world) to eat there as their top priority for their visit…. You have the famous places that all the tourists and out of towners gravitate to that serve mediocre food, and then you have the places that don’t have the notoriety…just darn good food.

Rack of Pork

You should now have a nice piece of membrane that you can grab with a paper towel or a regular towel and pull to the other end of the rack which will remove the membrane. Now the rack is ready for your favorite rub or what The General used: a combination of Happy Holla’ BBQ rub and Emeril’s Essence Apply the rub to both sides of the rack massaging it into the meat.