Mar 27 2016

We need your vote!

It’s time to vote in Connect Savannah’s Best of Savannah 2016’s Reader’s Poll!  Help us win, and our campaign promise is to keep serving you the best BBQ in Georgia! We need your help to win “Best Ribs” (again), and “Best BBQ”! But feel free to vote for us in any other category you feel we are BEST at! (Best Wait Staff, Best Takeout, Best Restaurant…)



Feb 11 2016

Check out our new menu!

All your favorites, just a new look!  Since we expanded and revamped our dining room, we decided to was time for a menu makeover too!  Don’t worry….all your Wiley’s BBQ favorites are still on the menu, now it’s just easier to read.  Stop by soon to see the new menu and dining room if you haven’t already, and tell us what you think!

menu frontmenu back

Dec 30 2015

Happy New Year!

Have you decided what  your last meal of 2015 is going to be?  What about your first meal of 2016?  Wiley’s  can make sure you end your year on a high note and get your new year started off on the right foot!  We will be open for lunch and dinner service New Year’s Eve, and open for lunch service ONLY on New Year’s Day.  This NYE Pitmaster Marion will be offering three special plates in addition to our regular menu:

Smoked rack of lamb, served with steamed broccoli and cauliflower in a garlic butter sauce

Smoked “crown roast” portion of pork loin rack, served with steamed broccoli and cauliflower in a garlic butter sauce

Traditional black-eyed peas and rice with collared greens and corn bread (also available lunch on New Year’s Day- feel free to add on your favorite protein!)

This year, let’s all make resolutions we can keep….resolve to eat more championship BBQ!

Jul 20 2010

Unsolicited Email

My wife and I stopped in Savannah last week to eat at Paula
Deen’s restaurant on our way to Myrtle Beach. Of course we could not get
in and decided to searched for BBQ and came across your place. Let me
get the negative out of the way first. Your place is too small and it
appears that you have the customer base to support a larger place. It
was raining and the wait was estimated at 45 minutes. With the rain
coming down I doubt anyone was looking to leave so we ordered take out.
Now the positive, your BBQ is the best we ever had period, and it is not
even close. I can not imagine getting anything at Paula’s place on par
with your cooking. We ordered four different sides and they all were
outstanding. We spent a considerable amount of time talking about how
great that meal was on the ride up with each other and our family on the
phone. We regret that we could not eat in as we most certainly would
have taken some out and believe me, we really wanted to turn around for
more. We had to go through Atlanta on our way back home so that meal
will have to be our last for a while. I hope I can make it back on the
east coast before the year is out but either way I will most certainly
be back. Thanks and continue success for you and yours.

Jun 3 2010

The Dysfunctional Foodie Makes a Visit!


DF…thanks for this “shout out!”