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Correctly branded as “headline-worthy”, Wiley’s Championship BBQ (seats 60) is an Americana-rich, coastal Georgia back roads, happy discovery for cultural immersion travelers and barbecue aficionado’s bucket-list destination spot. Some call the barbecue joint a Cheers-like, “everyone knows your name” informal, foodies’ welcoming place. Located near Savannah, Georgia’s 10-minutes from the National Landmark Historic District along U.S. 80’s beach-bound route to Tybee Island on Whitemarsh Island.

HOURS: Lunch is 11 a.m.-3 p.m.; supper is 5p-8p, Monday – Thursday; 5p-9p Friday and Saturday. Closed on Sunday.

CONTACT: 4700 Highway 80 East Savannah, GA 31410, Savannah, Georgia 31410-2942. (912) 201-3259.;; Via social media Twitter @WileysBBQ, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+
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