Jan 16 2011

Savannah and Tybee Wedding Catering & Casual Food Menu Ideas

Savannah barbecue catering wedding reception Tybee Island GA

Tybee Island Barbecue Catering

1.        Off Premise Catering:  Since we are a restaurant, we get a lot of calls asking if we do off premise catering.  For twenty-nine years Wiley has been in food service, the answer is definitely YES!  In Atlanta, that is all we did since we did not have a restaurant.  Our record to date is a round trip catering to Las Vegas, RV and pit in tow.  We catered for 1,000 other caterers at the Rio Hotel, just off the Strip.  We are certainly not a stranger to catering!

2.       Savannah and Tybee Weddings: 2011 has brought an increased number of inquiries regarding catering wedding receptionsContinue reading