Mar 7 2017

Best Barbecue Joint in Every State

To those in Savannah, it’s no surprise that folks love our BBQ. But when you’re ranked Number 1 in the whole state by someone like Thrillist, it’s a pretty big deal because then the whole country knows. No wonder we get so many visitors that come out to see us when they are anywhere close to Savannah.


Check out the article and find out some of the great company we’re in all around the US! The best barbecue joint in every state!

Feb 27 2017

Why Do We Cook BBQ Low and Slow?

Everyone has heard that phrase “low and slow,” especially relating to BBQ, but why is that? BBQ meats tend to be a more fatty and cheaper cut of meat, so folks had to figure out how to cook them so they could be eaten. Lean meats like steaks or chicken can be cooked hot and fast, but if you were to cook a Boston Butt or Brisket like that, they could technically be “done,” but you’d need to be a vampire in order to chew it.

When you cook a piece of meat low and slow, it gives the meat time to “get happy.” The temperature comes up more slowly allowing the collagen to melt leaving that succulent meat behind that’s just barely hanging on to the bone. There is even a period of time around the 160-170 mark that the internal temperature stops climbing for up to several hours, this is the most important part that you sure don’t want to rush. Once the temp starts climbing again though, the wait is almost over and it ain’t long until we’re pulling it off the smoker to get ready to serve you. Hope to see y’all soon for lunch or dinner.

Dec 30 2015

Happy New Year!

Have you decided what  your last meal of 2015 is going to be?  What about your first meal of 2016?  Wiley’s  can make sure you end your year on a high note and get your new year started off on the right foot!  We will be open for lunch and dinner service New Year’s Eve, and open for lunch service ONLY on New Year’s Day.  This NYE Pitmaster Marion will be offering three special plates in addition to our regular menu:

Smoked rack of lamb, served with steamed broccoli and cauliflower in a garlic butter sauce

Smoked “crown roast” portion of pork loin rack, served with steamed broccoli and cauliflower in a garlic butter sauce

Traditional black-eyed peas and rice with collared greens and corn bread (also available lunch on New Year’s Day- feel free to add on your favorite protein!)

This year, let’s all make resolutions we can keep….resolve to eat more championship BBQ!

Dec 28 2015

Thank you!



Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate with us yesterday!  It was a great afternoon filled with BBQ, drinks, live music, and lots of friends from near and far.  If you missed it, don’t worry…you can stop by and check our our new dining room for lunch or dinner any day this week, including New Year’s Day, when we will be serving the traditional greens and black eyed peas for good luck from 11am-3pm (we are closed for dinner on New Year’s Day).  We also have our BBQ 101 class coming up on January 17th, but registrations are going fast!  Reserve your spot today on Eventbrite!

Check out the pictures from the Open House on Facebook!

May 25 2014

Wiley’s BBQ featured on Weekend Express HLN!

We were honored to be included in a BBQ taste test on Weekend Express HLN this weekend!  Guess who the official “Man Panel” voted as the best tasting BBQ? Wiley’s burnt ends were the star of the show!  Check out the video here:

BoZpEkNIMAAqFls.jpg large

Jan 20 2014

Pre-Order our book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble!

You can pre-order Wiley’s Championship BBQ Cookbook on Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s websites!

Wiley's Championship BBQ Cookbook
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Wiley’s Championship Barbecue: Secrets Old Men Take to the Grave


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Wiley’s Championship Barbecue: Secrets Old Men Take to the Grave

Jan 1 2009

Wiley's Championship BBQ

Wiley’s Championship BBQ blog is now available at Visit us there!

Sep 11 2008

We're Open!!

Wow! Two days in the restaurant business. Our hours are 11-3 and we have have a steady stream of customers once we open the door at eleven. We even had a repeat customer today!! The bugs are getting worked out…like the cash register from hell and the credit card machine that likes to print reports on its own. Perhaps the biggest compliment we had today…and we had several…was from a very successful caterer here in Savannah.
Our first customers!

Sep 6 2008

Barbecue Enthusiasts Have to Wait No More! Wiley’s Championship BBQ Opens in Savannah

SAVANNAH, Georgia (September 6, 2008) – “BBQ Hog Heaven” has a name: WILEY’S CHAMPIONSHIP BBQ in Savannah, Georgia. Beginning September 10th, national BBQ champions Wiley and Janet McCrary will be serving up world-class BBQ in sultry Savannah’s backyard on Whitemarsh Island. Continue reading

Aug 31 2008

28 Days and Counting

A miracle has been accomplished…in four short weeks we have almost completely remodeled Wiley’s! Yesterday some of our plaques, memorabilia and posters went up on the wall. How exciting! PICT1836.JPG Wiley's Wall
By Monday, we should have the bathrooms back together and a few final items accomplished on the physical building. Without the help of our two heros, none of this would have taken place. Meet Albert and Anthony: