Mar 11 2015

Check out our brand new pit!

new pit

We were so excited to receive our brand new pit today! Can you say firepower? This puppy can cook 1000 pounds of meat. With our other pits, we can now produce 2400 pounds of meat at one time! Pitmaster in training, Tony is on the left and our amazing pitmaster Marion is on the right…A bunch of happy guys! I think we are ready for St. Patrick’s Day!  Don’t forget to stop by and see us, we will be serving up the traditional smoked corn beef and cabbage on the 17th.  Hosting your own party?  Be sure to place your order for a Wiley’s smoked corn beef….orders are due by March 12th!

Mar 8 2015

Now taking orders for St. Patrick’s Day parties!


Have you tried smoking a corned beef packer? We have…every week in fact…for our Friday special – the killer Smoked Corned Beef Reuben. Order some for your St. Pat’s parties! Order must be in Thursday, March 12 by noon, so Marion can have enough delivered! And yes, we will be having the traditional smoked corned beef and cabbage on the 17th.

BTW…if you stare at this picture long enough, you should be able to smell the awesome deliciousness where ever you are!