Aug 28 2012

Announcing Advanced BBQ Class!

Sam Huff of BBQ1 in Atlanta, GA and WileyMcCrary, two fierce competitors from the Professional BBQ Circuit, have teamed up to present an Advanced BBQ Class which will be held on Saturday, October 13, 2012 at Captain Butler’s Retreat in Savannah, GA! This beautiful waterfront retreat is the perfect setting for this amazing opportunity.  This is an all day class and BBQ will be served throughout the day as we study the different cuts of meat and their preparation.  To our knowledge, never before has a comprehensive class on BBQ been offered here in Savannah.

Sam and Wiley plan to share the recipes, techniques and secrets that have set them apart from their competitors. In this “nothing held back” class the following areas will be addressed: recipes, food safety, resources, techniques, grilling vs. smoking, types of wood, etc.  Sam owns one of the leading BBQ restaurants in Atlanta Sam’s BBQ1 located in East Cobb and has spawned three other successful BBQ joints in the greater Atlanta area. Wiley recently attended Sam’s class in Atlanta and he can’t stop talking about how good it was!  This class is geared for the serious BBQer…either backyard and/or competitor and is for someone who really enjoys BBQ and wants to learn how to do it right!

$250 per person

Registration for Advanced BBQ Oct 13 2012 class

Space is limited.

Special pricing is available to participants of this class from the Thunderbird Inn.
You have a rate of $69 Sun – Thurs and $99 Fri-Sat. The code is BBQ101.

Aug 4 2012

Flew in!

These fun folks flew their private plane to Savannah to eat lunch at Wiley’s….too cool!  (Love it!)