Jul 31 2010

A Facebook Posting: BBQ Review

Happy Eater at Wiley's

“Finally uploaded pictures from vacation. The best BBQ we’ve ever eaten! Even our picky eaters cleaned up. Everyone was so nice, we’ll definitely come back the next time we’re in the area!! We drove down from Hilton Head just to visit you, and it was worth it!”

Jul 30 2010

Email Conversation

Ms. Wiley,

Looking at your web site, are you only open 11am to 3pm on Monday and Tuesday? I need to know what time to leave Tampa, FL. for your BBQ on a Tuesday in a couple of weeks.


Yes, David, we are only open until 3 on Tuesdays….
Hope we will see you soon!!

Have you stopped by yet??

Ms. Wiley,

We were there yesterday and I have to say, it is certainly what I expected. My wife and I shared a sampler plate with ribs, fried okra, beans and sweet potato casserole. I’m having the chicken for a snack this evening!


To David:

Glad you enjoyed it David!  When will you be coming back through???

Jul 20 2010

Unsolicited Email

My wife and I stopped in Savannah last week to eat at Paula
Deen’s restaurant on our way to Myrtle Beach. Of course we could not get
in and decided to searched for BBQ and came across your place. Let me
get the negative out of the way first. Your place is too small and it
appears that you have the customer base to support a larger place. It
was raining and the wait was estimated at 45 minutes. With the rain
coming down I doubt anyone was looking to leave so we ordered take out.
Now the positive, your BBQ is the best we ever had period, and it is not
even close. I can not imagine getting anything at Paula’s place on par
with your cooking. We ordered four different sides and they all were
outstanding. We spent a considerable amount of time talking about how
great that meal was on the ride up with each other and our family on the
phone. We regret that we could not eat in as we most certainly would
have taken some out and believe me, we really wanted to turn around for
more. We had to go through Atlanta on our way back home so that meal
will have to be our last for a while. I hope I can make it back on the
east coast before the year is out but either way I will most certainly
be back. Thanks and continue success for you and yours.

Jul 6 2010

Email from a student of our recent BBQ 101 class!


Hey Janet and Wiley!

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the BBQ 101 class last Monday and Tuesday. (Janet, I stopped in the restaurant today and spoke with Wiley, but wanted to make sure I told you too.) I had a great time and really learned a lot in the process. I know that a two-day five hour course is really just scratching the surface of what there is to learn about BBQ, However, I did gain some confidence in my cooking, which resulted in some pretty decent results for my BBQ this 4th of July. My guests were pretty impressed with the things that I made. My ribs were ok, but I really did like my chicken. Even though I thought my ribs were only alright, there were no leftovers of the three racks that I cooked, always a good compliment.

I cooked everything on my new 22.5 inch Weber Smokey Mountain. I love it and have been practicing every day since I got it. Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to keep that up during the work week.

I also really liked meeting the other people in the class. A few of us discussed getting together sometime and maybe making some food together. If it would be okay, I’d like to get an email list of the people in the class and send out a mass email. Alternatively, I’m sure everyone in the class would like to hear from you, if you guys wanted to send an email to everyone.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress and look forward to seeing you both when I get back from Vancouver.

Thanks again for the incredible class! Let me know when you plan on having the 200 level class. I’ll definitely be coming.

Best regards,