Apr 28 2009

2009 Legends of Golf BBQ Throwdown…

…and the winner is WILEY’S CHAMPIONSHIP BBQ!!

Apr 23 2009

Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf Barbeque Throwdown

wings BBQ Throw Down and Wing Off! - BeaufortSavannah, GA — Roll up your sleeves and fold out your napkins! The Savannah Harbor Foundation invites Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf attendees to taste the South’s finest at their inaugural two-day cooking event.

Join us on the driving range Saturday, April 25th for the Barbeque Throw Down and sample eight of Savannah’s best barbeque restaurants. Try them all and vote for your favorites! Sunday, April 26th, return to try some of Savannah’s most flavorful wings, at the Wing Off! and help choose the recipient of the “Best Wings in Savannah” award.

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Apr 23 2009

Grillin’ Day at Kitchenware Outfitters

Why don’t you join the fun on Saturday as…

Wiley joins David & Tim at the 3rd Annual


This isn’t JUST the Testosterone Zone!

For the third year, David Freeman and food journalist Tim Rutherford will tie on the aprons, strap on the grill tools and make real fire to grill real food in our storefront courtyard. They will be joined by Wiley McCrary, the Georgia and South Carolina BBQ Grand Champion, who will have the largest smoker you have ever seen. Wiley is the owner of Wiley’s Championship BBQ. These three are sure to “geek-out” with lots of grill talk, the brandishing of sharp knives and a joke or two to brighten, we hope, your day!

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Apr 5 2009

South Magazine::Dishes to Dine For

south-mag-april-may1 Dishes to Dine For
By Phyllis Anne Guilmette
April/May 2009

Wiley’s: Beef Brisket

Wiley McCrary spent six years honing his brisket skills, balancing the multifaceted textures and flavors for an unbeatable outcome. His brisket is ranked one of the top in the nation, and it is no wonder why.

“The trouble with brisket is that some people treat it like a roast beef,” explains McCrary. “And it certainly is not. It is a delicacy unto itself when cooked correctly.”  Read full article…

Apr 5 2009

Kitchenware Outfitters Class

Title: Kitchenware Outfitters Class
Link out: Click here
Description: Championship Barbecue
Start Time: 6:30 PM
Date: 2009-04-05
End Time: 9:00 PM