Dec 31 2005

The Falling Off the Bone Theory


Hogwash! I do not want my ribs to fall off the bone! One should want the meat to gently release from the bone with a slight pull. If your meat falls off the bone by itself, then your rib is overcooked…at least in the world of BBQ competition, you would lose points if your meat fell off! I believe this term goes back even further than the Civil War, when slaves were given the unwanted parts of the pig/hog to eat for themselves. The only way they had to cook them was to parboil them. Thus by cooking this process, perhaps that is where the term originated. I cook mine low and slow. I will share my recipe in an upcoming post!

Dec 30 2005

BBQ Rookies

How can you pick out an “uneducated” BBQ palate at a restaurant? Easy. Just watch. As soon as the BBQ arrives, the poor soul picks up the BBQ sauce bottle and drenches the meat/s before tasting. The proper way to eat BBQ is to first taste the meat, then taste the sauce, and finally taste the sauce and the meat together. At this point you can add the appropriate amount of sauce for your taste. Just the same way one would never salt food before tasting.

Know why some BBQ establishments slather sauce all over their meat before serving? You guessed it! The meat is not something they are proud of and it covers up a multitude of sins!

Dec 29 2005

The First Post

Welcome! Let’s rev up our grills and smokers and learn together! I plan to lead you on a great gustatory journey!